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Success Stories:

Catalyst has been a very dedicated and involved partner. They have manifested great interest in the progress of the company and actively helped wherever possible. Their acute understanding and experience of the business made them the perfect partner to consult, to deliberate and to find solutions with. Catalysts are definitely an investment fund you’d want on your side.

Mr. Nadav Palti, C.E.O. of DoriMedia

We've worked with Catalyst for over four years now, and I'm very happy to have them as our investors and partners. Yair Shamir's vast operational experience, business sense and contact base have been very helpful in our fast-paced growth. Bringing Catalyst on board as the first investors in Tufin was one of the best decisions we made.

Ruvi Kitov, C.E.O. of Tufin

The Catalyst fund in general and Yair Shamir, in particular, are operating as true business partners with the management team. They have an extensive business background which helps them understand deeply the business but they also know what they don’t know and let the management run the business. They have also an exceptional knowledge and knowhow in Financing as well as a great network of contacts which they make available to the company. I really enjoy the stimulating partnership.

Yaacov Cohen, C.E.O. of

At Catalyst we found great people to work with. They are always available, no matter how small or how big are the issues. Catalyst management are a true partner to Miba .The partnership goes a long way and they help in any way they can whenever we stumble with a problem or we face new opportunities. Boaz Harel is our chairman and he is involved in all important matters. Boaz is always there with a good advice. Boaz’s vast experience in the market place is a great asset to us, especially when we are challenged with penetrating to new markets in North America. From my own experience I can say as a private family owned business, bringing in a fund into the family, raised a lot of questions: How are we going to live together? What impact it will have on the day to day business. Well, I can only say that the professional way Catalyst people conduct themselves has proven to be a win situation for all.

Itzhak Yoffe, C.E.O. of Miba Plast

We are very pleased with Catalyst as Mobileye shareholder. Mainly we appreciate the personal channel/connection to Mr. Yair Shamir. Periodic meetings, brain storming & personal contacts of Mr. Shamir have generated Mobileye with several very important projects. No doubt that Catalyst will be one of our primary choices as soon as we have the opportunity of raising additional funds.

Ziv Aviram, C.E.O. of Mobileye

Catalyst was a true partner for us at Omrix. Our relationship started when after conducting a thorough due diligence the fund agreed to back the company in case it will be defaulting on a certain loan repayment. Though Omrix ended weathering this risk on its own, Catalyst became a shareholder through the acquisition of the shares of one of our shareholders and became a true partner contributing at the board level through the process of restructuring the company's capital and the IPO. As then CFO of Omrix I found Catalyst to be a true supporter of management in face of complicated challenges showing creativity and skills on the corporate as well as the operational aspects.

Mike Burshtine

About our name:

cat·a·lyst /ˈkatl-ist/ n.

  1. Chemistry A substance, usually used in small amounts relative to the reactants, that modifies and increases the rate of a reaction without being consumed in the process.

  2. One that precipitates a process or event